Amy Gardner


Store + Staff

All of the restaurants are going to close in Charlottesville and you can lobby to keep one open, but you have to eat there every night for a year. Which one do you fight to save?


Dukes or Hellmann’s?


Regal at Stonefield or Violet Crown?

Violet Crown

Glossy paint or matte?


House of Cards or Game of Thrones?

House of Cards

You discover a wormhole that allows you to jump from your bedroom to somewhere else in the world in 2 seconds-- where would it go? 

Into a beach chair in a perfectly set palapa (towel, cold beer, stack of New Yorker magazines) on a remote beach with white sandy beaches.

Which do you reach for on a hectic morning: skinny, boyfriend, or flared jeans? 

Crop flare all the way

If you were a cocktail, what would it be?

The Deveraux: sweet and strong and packs a punch!

What kind of dog do you think Dagmar has?

A perfect dog

What’s the last book you read?

The Big Short. Interesting to relive the Great Recession on paper and not in reality.

Innie or Outie?


Visit Europe or Mexico? Stay with friends or a hotel?  What 5 things are most important to pack?

Europe. Hotel. iPhone. Sunglasses. Scarf. Perfect tennis shoes. Boyfriend.

Who would play you in a movie?

Sandra Bullock

What pair of shoes in your closet gets the most wear?

Cydwoq thong sandals and F+B boots