reversible high neck pullover - caramel/ice
high neck corn stitch pullover - satin
high neck corn stitch pullover - venice
jacquard animalier rever jacket with shadows - navy
one of a kind foulard scarf - pavone
round neck cable pullover - marmo
round neck cutted jacquard pullover - husky
shattered foulard scarf - pavone
shattered foulard scarf - satin
boat neck pullover - marmo
boat neck pullover with foulard flowers - satin
felted rever coat with roses embroidery - wine
felted rever jacket with roses embroidery - venice
high neck chenille pullover with destroyed edges - satin
high neck pullover with destroyed edges  - delfino
high neck stretch top with lamination - satin
mock neck jacquard animalier pullover - carruba
oversize pullover with lamination - navy
round neck brushed cashmere silk pullover - marmo
round neck chenille jacket  - wine
stretch velvet long coat - pavone
v neck reversible stretch pullover  - venice
v neck pullover - wine
avant toi