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freshly back in virginia following their most recent market trips to new york and atlanta, scarpa’s buying team shares their process for curating the best pieces and gives a glimpse of what to expect for fall 2023.

every season, the buyers travel a lot in pursuit of the perfect pieces for our customers. they’re intimately knowledgeable about direct flights on delta to NYC and can recommend some good restaurants in paris. they visit countless showrooms, scoping out new designers and evaluating tens of thousands of products to bring you a cohesive, expertly-curated mix of clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. although each brand has a wide range of offerings every season, the buyers make sure only the most “scarpa” pieces make it into the store. narrowing down the nearly infinite options into a well-curated selection is daunting, but the buyers have a method.

owner amy’s philosophy is clear: ideally everything scarpa carries should be practical, unique, and beautiful, without being fussy or intimidating. if a piece doesn’t meet this criteria, it’s a no-go. the selection process often kicks off when a particular piece catches their eye as something a specific client would love. then they think about who else would wear it and how it could be styled with other pieces. It’s a collaborative effort to create a well-curated selection.

as the buyers swiftly confirm orders and prepare for their trip to paris, they let us in on what they saw in new york and give us a sneak peak into the upcoming seasons. for fall, designers are revisiting the classics with expertly-tailored blazers, classic trousers, and feminine silhouettes. there will be fewer frills, but whimsical prints, pattern mixing, and playful styling keep things interesting. expect to see rich purples, bold greens, and autumnal shades of orange and pink taking center stage.

next stop, paris!