Carlo is the mobile version of Scarpa. Our 1969 airstream is retrofitted to bring the Scarpa experience to you. Check out this corner of our blog to see where Carlo's travels have taken him. Like what you see and think you have the perfect spot for us to set up a pop-up shop? Contact our special events manager Jake at

on the road

last week, we we set up shop at albemarle garden club's design forum with charlotte moss, and over the weekend, we brought carlo down to norfolk academy for their field day.  a beautiful setting at farmington and beautiful weather on saturday leant for two excellent occasions.  
May 07, 2015 by Will Frazier

let's hit the road.

these snowy weeks have made our beloved carlo restless.  he's ready to get out and bring the latest scarpa spring goods to you.  think you have the perfect spot for a two-day pop-up shop? click here to send us a message!  if we work out a time to visit, we'll also donate 10% of our sales to your charity of choice!

the fine print:  location must be within two hours driving distance from charlottesville.  pop-up shop to last for two days, one night.  10% of sales exceeding travel and set up expenses to be donated to your charity of choice.  

March 13, 2015 by Will Frazier
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it's sale time

we thought it would be fun for everyone if we kicked off our sale with a little something different. welcome veritas vineyard & winery thursday night for a wine tasting in carlo! you can start your summer with some new shoes and some new wine. the very thought makes me want to pack my trunk and hit the road. details below. see you thursday night!


June 24, 2013 by Amy Gardner

out with carlo

we took carlo out for the day. (oh right, we're still out and will be until 9:00 tonight!) other than the satisfaction of creating a mini store on a pretty day in an airstream, I'd say that people watching at the barracks road shopping center and working with virginia bell have been the highlights of my day. here's a slice (not slice pizza although that was a yummy lunch) of what we do in our little home away from home:

it's a pretty airstream, isn't it?

April 26, 2013 by Amy Gardner

carlo: raring to go

for those of you that didn't get to meet carlo during the holidays, i thought i'd share some of the pictures andrea hubbell took of him. he's a 1969 airstream that we finished refurbishing late last year. we had the opportunity to take him to lexington,va, virginia beach, and park him outside of scarpa already, but it's time for his next trip. and we want your input. where would you like to see carlo go? what would you like to see carlo do? who would you like to see carlo support? 




January 20, 2012 by Kai'li Taylor