Susie White


Store + Staff

Dukes or Hellmann’s?


Regal at Stonefield or Violet Crown?

Stonefield, it's just too convenient.

Glossy paint or matte?

Matte, most of the time

House of Cards or Game of Thrones?

Binge watcher with House of Cards

You discover a wormhole that allows you to jump from your bedroom to somewhere else in the world in 2 seconds-- where would it go? 

Lucerne, Switzerland 

Which do you reach for on a hectic morning: skinny, boyfriend, or flared jeans? 


What’s the last book you read?

Besides a jewelry look book :).  Gone Girl

Who would play you in a movie?

Nicole Kidman is my backup

What song is your life anthem?

Song!   Break my Stride by Matthew Wilder!   A must see YouTube video ( JAKE will relate!)