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Amy Gardner

Describe yourself in three words.

I don't think I can answer this one.

Who is your style muse?

The Olsen twins but first I'd like their cheekbones.

You're given an all-expense paid trip to anywhere you choose in the world - where are you traveling to?

Bali, baby!

What is your must see/do in Charlottesville?

Sit quietly on The Lawn at UVA on a beautiful day and soak in the perfection of the Academical Village.

What's your favorite recipe? Can you share?

Two shots of Tres Generaciones Plata Tequila, Jack Rudy's tonic and extra lime. It's my current favorite. Check back next month.

Best advice you've received but have worked on taking?

if it's not working don't force it. Applies equally to a key in a lock and a relationship. Thanks, Mom.

And lastly, if you could choose, what would your last meal be?

A grilled cheddar cheese sandwich with a fried egg on it. White bread, please. And don't forget the mayo. Oh and can I have some Lays potato chips on the side? Salty and fatty and delicious! Plus it's my last meal so why not?