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handpicked gifts inspired by three decades of scarpa and a few amazing employees who have shared their talents and made us better along the way. shop the aughts for vibrant and playful pieces for the sheilas and margots on your list.

team scarpa: 2001 – 2005


how did you get started at scarpa?
I was a “college girl” on the sales floor who stayed after graduation because I just couldn’t get enough. I think my title at the end was operations manager (or something that felt very important).
what are you up to these days?
I just can’t shake my retailing roots. I have a small but mighty company, Pedal Retail Advisors, that creates better real estate outcomes for brick-and-mortar retailers.
can you share a favorite scarpa memory?
on my first shift at scarpa, amy handed me a box of about 2,000 2x2 inch earring cards. she told me that some of the cards had printed a bit off center, so my job was to pick through the batch and pull out every card that was off center, because she wasn’t going to pay for misprints. this is a story that I’ve told probably fifty times in my career because it’s a perfect example of the diligence and exacting attention to detail that is so important in retail. I also learned that this is what you can expect when you work for a virgo.
go-to holiday song
"o holy night" (which is probably a little strange considering I celebrate hanukah)
what’s the secret to giving a good gift?
I think listening is the secret. when your gift makes someone say, “oh, you remembered that!,” it doesn’t matter how big or small it is because the receiver feels seen and valued.

team scarpa: 1999 – 2002


what was your role at scarpa?
shopgirl and occasional dog sitter. I loved doing the lunch run.
what are you up to now?
I couldn’t convince my family to move to c’ville so I could work at scarpa for the rest of my life, so I opened my own shop in summit, nj. I hope it gives the same feels that scarpa gave me when I walked into the store - that it offers something special and feels approachable. it’s called tea & oranges. 
can you share a favorite scarpa memory?
when amy properly schooled me on how to wrap a gift.
any scarpa pieces you still have?
a faliero sarti scarf that is like a jackson pollock of yarn.
special holiday tradition?
champagne for breakfast
how did your time at scarpa shape your career or life now (if at all)?
did you see the bit about how I opened a store that is every bit inspired by scarpa?  I suppose I felt like there should be more small businesses like scarpa in the world - that have a distinct point of view, that have heart and that are simultaneously aspirational & accessible.  I’m trying to do that in my little corner of the world.
what’s the secret to giving a good gift?
I like to give useful gifts, extra points if one can enjoy it with someone they love. that said, my general advice if someone is at a loss is “something shiny or something soft.”

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