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handpicked gifts inspired by three decades of scarpa

a note from amy

eras unwrapped

our 2023 gift guides mark our 30th christmas in business by highlighting a handful of the dozens of amazing employees who have shown up since 1994, shared their talents and made this place better and better in the process.

tammy and tia: you were here in the very beginning and were so patient as I learned how to be a boss. thanks for your smarts, enthusiasm, making me laugh and freakin’ love of shoes!

margot and sheila: I had serious big sister vibes with both of you back then and am really happy to still call you friends. you both were so dedicated and so hard working and boy am I lucky you both wanted to work with me.

will and jane: you both showed a willingness to dive in, learn, try new things and just figure it out. thanks for leaving scarpa with a website (will) and a beauty department (jane) while keeping me on my toes.

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