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for twenty-eight years, scarpa has been building style throughout central virginia. over the years, we’ve gone through six store renovations, and it’s that time again. we’re undergoing our biggest remodel to date— a big expansion that will make room for new designers, more styles, and an unparalleled shopping environment.

we’ll be closed monday 8/1 — sunday 8/7, while we knock down a large, load-bearing wall. even though the storefront will be closed, as usual, is always open. thanks for bearing with us while we're closed for a week which allows us to take a big step towards enlarging our space considerably. when we reopen it won't be very exciting as we'll still be under construction, but we'll get there not long after labor day.

"you can think of it along the lines of having a facelift. the surgery is dramatic and you come out looking like you've been to war, but eventually you look amazing."

-amy gardner, owner

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