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around this time last year, we shared our wildly popular thanksgiving side dishes. this year we've returned with another round of cooking recommendations but with a slight twist. what does team scarpa make with thanksgiving leftovers? when you find yourself exhausted from cooking (not to mention immobile from eating) but with a surplus of turkey, here are some no-fuss solutions. click any recipe card to enlarge. 


Amanda says, "My maternal grandmother, Jean Busch, used to make this all the time. It is kind of a two man job. I swear it's worth the work! It's old school and calls for lots of salt and butter. I don't think you need the second teaspoon of salt but don't hold back on the butter. It's supposed to be sinful. Can be frozen ahead, thawed, heated. My sweet grandmother also noted on the recipe that it goes very well with a fruit salad. Serves 12. Bam!"

Capi says, "All southerners like a casserole. I usually riff on a Paula Deen recipe. Easy and yummy!"

Amy says her kitchen sink sandwich is, "best to eat alone so no one sees you making a mess. If you must eat such a messy sandwich with someone present then they may not be the judging type. Afterwards, take a nap."

Will says, "My mom makes this salad in the summer, though I could see it being a refreshing lunch option the day after the heavy warmth of a Thanksgiving dinner. This is the Greenbriar's Black Bean and Turkey Salad recipe, as reprinted in a 1990 issue of Gourmet Magazine's column 'Asked for It,' where readers could write in to ask for recipes of dishes they'd had at restaurants. This is a modified version that doesn't call for blanching the vegetables, so everything stays crisp and fresh. The dressing is delicious." 



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