relax and have a drink.

as we head into the middle of december, we know how crazy and overwhelming this month can become.  we asked some members of team scarpa to share their favorite wintertime antidotes to the madness.  cheers!

amy's pick:  the liquid luck.  royal rose syrups available locally at the spice diva!  (recipe found here.)

capi's pick: a signature new orleans drink.  (this particular recipe found here.)

susie's pick: a traditional favorite.  try local eggnog from homestead creamery.  and don't forget the nutmeg!   

 dagmar's pick: another classic, a manhattan.  (recipe found here.)

party time! dressing for the holidays

tis the season of holiday parties.  we're loving these fête-ready pieces from veronica beard and smythe. technically, these dresses and blazers are from the designers' resort collections, but you don't have to be jetting off to some warmer locale for the holidays to don these looks.  we think they are the perfect winter neutrals, providing a great canvas for striking accessories and shoes.  just slip on your gin (or bourbon) jacket, and we think you'll be ready to boogie.  
susie rocks a smythe anytime blazer and smythe slouchy pants, ramy brook top, aerin python heels, b.may strappy foldover, and miguel ases earrings

dagmar's five favorites

a rock and roll sensibility with a reverence for the beauty of the natural world -- dagmar's selections highlight the ever-evolving mix of new beauties and well-established favorites on the scarpa shelves -- all of which form her indisputably unique sense of style. 


1. salvatore santoro leather coat. this gorgeous coat features a reptilian, textured surface.  

2. wool and silk eco dyed scarf.  dagmar's friend tatyana kotova creates these scarves locally using an eco dyeing technique with plants.  the result is nothing short of exquisite.  available in store in several color schemes.

3. s. carter wood pendant and pave diamond link and chain.  s. carter pieces make some natural artifact all the more beautiful and glamorous with diamonds galore.

4. the fiorentini + baker emma boot.  dagmar claims she wears these reliable boots almost every day in the colder months.  

5. dita mirrored sunglasses.  totally chic with a playful touch.

the perfect bag?

the main flaw with searching for the "perfect bag" seems to be its singularity.  one bag to suit all of your needs: day to night, workweek to weekend and back again?  this seems highly improbable, so when I asked some members of team scarpa to choose their ideal bag from the current selection in store, I allowed three categories: one for tote/work/weekender, one for daytime (perhaps a day when you don't have to schlep as much around), and one for evening.  behold the results below!



tote: mz wallace large metro tote | daytime: henry beguelin conquilla | evening: b.may python foldover