scarpa staples

we've carried some of these designers for over 10 years; some are new to our shelves this season.  either way, we believe this selection of goods qualifies as "scarpa staples." from basics to blazers, jewels to shoes, this snapshot illustrates many of the quintessential items from the scarpa experience.  


from left to right:

  • veronica beard: one of the newest staples, these flattering and well-made blazers feature fun interchangeable dickeys to carry you through all types of cold weather.
  • melissa joy manning: a veteran of the scarpa shelves, i love this season's delicate gold wishbone earrings.
  • b.may: the cell pouch is a staff favorite -- available in an array of exotic leathers, it carries just the essentials and encourages a clutter-free approach to the cross body bag.  
  • claridge and king: all about the basics.  this tank is another staff favorite.
  • calleen cordero: handmade in california, these expertly crafted belts only get better with age.  shop online here, here, and here
  • s'well: new to scarpa this season, we can't keep these colorful and versatile hot/cold water bottles on the shelves.  
  • pedro garcia: while we love everything this spanish design house produces, the yoshi loafer is a staff and store favorite.
  • jamie joseph: we've been loving the dazzling stones from jamie joseph for over ten years; two new arrivals for this season.  shop online here and here




what we're loving now : caftans & glitter


mary kathryn, our ever faithful model, returns this week to sport some of our favorite pieces 
at the moment, such as this turquoise caftan from two.  all of two's caftans and dresses are
made in new york using handwoven textiles from india.  it comes as no surprise that their
pieces are strikingly unique, serving as a perfect cover up for the beach, or in the designers'
own words, as the ideal wardrobe choice for battling, "any urban heatwave."  i'd say even if your
heatwave isn't "urban," two is here to help out.  (we are, however, the only spot in virginia that
carries these beauties.  making charlottesville more "urban" -- one caftan at a time!)

when looking for the appropriate pairings for two's caftans, glitter caught our eye.  new 
earrings from miguel ases exemplify lush, detail-oriented craftsmanship without sacrificing
comfort.  this celebrity-favorite bijou is famous for its lightweight wearability and as 
such, will serve as the perfect armor for battling that summer heat.  

and after all, this is scarpa, so I would be remiss if I didn't address one's feet, where the bejeweled
theme continues.  our ever-faithful pedro garcia serves up these toe-ring sandals, embellished
to the max, but tastefully so.  (pictured here with another pair of earrings from miguel ases 
and a dress from two).  stop by the store to see more in the glittering sandal variety from pedro
as well as lola cruz.  (some styles available online here!)


new year's eve bling

here we are, readers, at year's end -- certainly a time for reflection and renewal as we transition into 2014.  but before i get too lofty and sentimental, let's be honest: it's first and foremost a time to party.  and a time to look fabulous while doing so.  so here was the question i asked the scarpa staff: if you could sneak away a piece of jewelry from the store for your new year's bash, what would it be?  see the results below. . . & a very happy new year from all of us at scarpa !  [ and kick off the new year the right way with our semi-annual sale January 3rd (9-6) and January 4 (10-6) ! ]
 [ top to bottom ] amy chose dazzling rings by polly wales.  capi went fun and feathery with lizzie fortunato earrings. mary kathryn is a fan of these elegant, glittering gems from melissa joy manning.  and susie chose a divine necklace by s. carter designs.

bundle up, scarpa style

Long sleeves, scarves, tall boots, leg warmers, arm warmers. this week’s theme is bundling up, scarpa style. (below, clockwise from top left) a cream cardigan from crippen (the brainchild of j brand founder susie crippen), paired here with a dreamy grisal scarf (cashmere and silk – and surely a versatile companion if you’re headed to a warmer locale this holiday season).  [continued below]




Let’s not forget about the legs: new effortlessly chic nappa boots from stuart weitzman (p.s. have you seen their “made for walking” ad campaign video, featuring a boot-clad kate moss strutting around london to nancy sinatra’s “these boots are made for walkin”?  check it out here.  buy the boots here!).   For those bone-chillingly cold days and nights, we have cozy cashmere arm and leg warmers by inhabit.  More cashmere comes by way of an isabel benenato cardigan, combined here with another piece of grisal neckwear in light blue.  And finally, if you still haven’t gotten your hands on a pair of fiorentini and baker boots this season, look no further than the most sensible winter option: the supple 7040 in black, lined with fur.  for those items not listed on the website, give us a call or stop by the store!  

letting the cat out of the (perfect) bag

we’ve had a recent influx of new bags.  Not only did I want to share them with you, dear reader, but I also thought I’d do some investigating: what do several members of the scarpa team have on hand at all times in their sacs à main?  find out below. . . 

I like the philosophy of Capi’s Jerome dreyfuss: bags inside of bags.  Small pouches by b. may and tracy tanner help to organize some of the essentials, such as lip gloss and advil.  Other staples of Capi’s carryall: spare keys, cinnamon altoids, wallet, cough drops, tom ford aviators, and the vital snack: white truffle “pipcorn” from feast!

For Mary Kathryn, each of her bags is never without a small seashell (a reminder of the beach and her mom) and a little cat charm (for good luck).  She keeps some of the more familiar accoutrements on hand, as well: wallet, chap stick, pens, Advil, hair clips, at least one pair of sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and hand lotion.  Other items of note: multiple lip glosses (that never get used, she adds), an NYC subway card (even though she hasn’t lived in the city for a year), and a Sam’s club membership card (that has never worked) but does sport a picture of a four-year-old MK. 

add your own personal treasures, whether they be practical or of some sentimental value, to any of these fabulous bags, pictured below. . . 



(clockwise, left to right) all that glitters is, in fact, gold on this new two-tone tote by alice d; go luxe with the super supple billy by jerome dreyfuss, or add a touch of studded edge with a calleen cordero.  



(clockwise, from left to right) a green beauty from an old favorite, mz wallace, another shimmering two-toner by alice d in black and gold, and an elegant 'bella' by calleen cordero.