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Last week, April Gargiulo, founder of the cult-favorite beauty brand Vintner's Daughter, sat down with our Director of Marketing Annabelle Gould to talk about her new product Active Treatment Essence, which is now available in our beauty section starting this week. 

For five years, the original Active Botanical Serum was their one and only SKU, but with the highly anticipated launch of the Active Treatment Essence, it's found itself a holy sibling.

Sold out practically everywhere, the new Essence serum boasts serious results at a sustainable cost. Read ahead for Annabelle’s interview with April:


Tell us a little bit of background on Vintner’s Daughter. When did you start, and what was the inspiration for the brand? 


I come from a family of winemakers in Napa Valley, which opened my eyes to the transcending experience that can occur when high-quality ingredients are paired with exacting formulation methods — to me, this is the truest of luxuries. After I became pregnant with my eldest daughter, I realized that my “luxury” skincare products were packed with low quality and unsafe fillers that were not serving my skin well. As a result, I was inspired to create our first product, Active Botanical Serum, a face oil that delivered powerful, multi-correctional performance, uncompromising quality, and serious safety. My background in fine wine-inspired my unwavering commitment to world-class ingredient-sourcing and meticulous formulation methods. Active Botanical Serum was the first product to bring to life these extreme principles of quality and efficacy and Active Treatment Essence is the second. With it, we have double-downed on our commitment to deliver transformational results through the world’s most active botanicals and time-honored formulation methods. 


You have a cult following of beauty aficionados who devote themselves to your product. How have you evolved since creating the brand? How has this changed with your rising popularity?


We continue to be driven by the same commitment to unparalleled efficacy, uncompromising quality, and 100% safety. This is the same north star that we have had since day one. It does not change no matter what bright and shiny objects come along. There is a discipline you must-have when you want to achieve the very best. This is something we undertake with equal parts of joy and rigor. 


Tell us more about Essence - this particular product has been sold out across the country so how does this launch differentiate itself from the prior releases?


With Active Botanical Serum I sent an email from my personal account to 130 friends and family members. That was the full extent of the “launch”. Still today, we have never paid for any marketing and have gratefully grown solely on the strength of our products and word of mouth. With the launch of Active Treatment Essence, our mailing list had grown considerably and press attention had as well. We were lucky to have been featured in Vogue, Elle, Goop, Bazaar, Glamour and so many more incredible magazines, websites, and blogs. Since our launch in March Active Treatment Essence has sold out 3 times. We are having a hard time meeting demand because of our sourcing and production methods. Every bottle of Active Treatment Essence takes 35 days to produce which does not include the months of sourcing we go through and the weeks of testing we do to ensure our standards of quality are met. It is an incredible time-honored process and one that we lovingly refer to as moving at “The Speed of Quality.” Selling out is a champagne problem to have I realize, but it is something we are working on correcting - without compromising any aspect of our formula of course. 


Tell us more about the ingredients in the Essence product - a lot of our followers are mindful of sustainable practices. How does this product work within those practices?


What could be more sustainable than to use less? This is one of the ways we approach caring for our planet’s resources. We believe in fewer, but better quality and better crafted products that do more. Additionally, Active Treatment Essence, like Active Botanical Serum is made from 100% natural ingredients that have been sourced from conscious growers and producers around the world. We aren't only thinking about the environment when we source, but we are also thinking about our product's impact on the communities where we source. We want to make a positive difference in all the lives we touch. 


Which skin types is Active Treatment Essence good for?


Our nutritional skincare is good for all skin and all people. Just like all of our different bodies thrive off the same nutrients, so does our skin. By focusing on the foundation of skin health, nutrition, we are able to create universally effective products that everyone can benefit from. Active Treatment Essence delivers complete water-soluble nutrition and Active Botanical Serum delivers complete oil soluble nutrition. Together, they provide optimal nutrition, deep hydration, and multi-correctional moisture. This is how all skin becomes its most balanced, healthy and youthful. 


How do I use Active Treatment Essence in my routine? Can you walk us through what you recommend?


Morning and night, after cleansing you will apply ⅓ of dropper to the face, neck, and chest using our Push/ Pat Method. Follow with 5-6 drops of Active Botanical serum. Voila! In two simple, yet powerful steps you have given your skin everything it needs to be it is very best. 


What products can Active Treatment Essence replace? 


I love this question because this single product can replace so much and also deliver so much of what you didn't even know you needed. It is your complete water-soluble nutrition, your deep hydration, Hyaluronic, Vitamin C, Plant Stem Cell (collagen production), Pre/Probiotics, Exfoliator, Antioxidant, and toner. And all of these incredible performance-driven actives are in the formula in the most optimal percentages to drive transformative and lasting results.


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