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what new thing have you noticed in your environment since the world slowed down? 

the tendency toward introversion that I normally feel is somehow in sync with the calm and quiet stillness in NYC right now. the silver lining is that this could be the opportunity for transformation: to re-calibrate what is important on a personal level, in our communities, and in society at large. 


favorite quarantine meal?

was fortunate to be able to quarantine with my husband and two grown sons, so there are always hungry people to cook for: especially enjoy our dinner time together to sit and recount the day, and process all that is happening together. my favorite comfort meal was mac and cheese from the “barefoot contessa” (cooked by the boys). 


please share any one creative thing: a sketch, a random iPhone photo of something that makes you smile, song that resonates these days, or even a haiku.

was able to take a wonderful online class with an illustrator where I am learning the art of rendering fine jewelry. it is a skill I never learned properly, so inspired to slowly practice while shuttered inside. 


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