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what new thing have you noticed in your environment since the world slowed down? 

the world may have slowed down, but work hasn’t, so calls with my team take up the majority of my day; but I’m ok with that because I love what I do. I usually travel so much for work, so I’ve been fortunate in that this new pace of life has meant lots of quality family time. kimchi, my french bulldog, seems more excited than ever to have us all home together!

favorite quarantine meal?

so far, we’ve been cooking all of our meals at home – lentil noodles with meat and loads of fresh veg from my own vegetable patch, is a staple in our household. but last week we ordered takeout sushi for the first time – japanese is the one cuisine I’ve really missed!


please share any one creative thing: a sketch, a random iPhone photo of something that makes you smile, song that resonates these days, or even a haiku.

I have started doing arts and crafts with my little girl, which has been a lot of fun. who knew painting with baby feet would bring such happiness? this time has really allowed me to appreciate these little moments of joy.


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