we’ve had a recent influx of new bags.  Not only did I want to share them with you, dear reader, but I also thought I’d do some investigating: what do several members of the scarpa team have on hand at all times in their sacs à main?  find out below. . . 

I like the philosophy of Capi’s Jerome dreyfuss: bags inside of bags.  Small pouches by b. may and tracy tanner help to organize some of the essentials, such as lip gloss and advil.  Other staples of Capi’s carryall: spare keys, cinnamon altoids, wallet, cough drops, tom ford aviators, and the vital snack: white truffle “pipcorn” from feast!

For Mary Kathryn, each of her bags is never without a small seashell (a reminder of the beach and her mom) and a little cat charm (for good luck).  She keeps some of the more familiar accoutrements on hand, as well: wallet, chap stick, pens, Advil, hair clips, at least one pair of sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and hand lotion.  Other items of note: multiple lip glosses (that never get used, she adds), an NYC subway card (even though she hasn’t lived in the city for a year), and a Sam’s club membership card (that has never worked) but does sport a picture of a four-year-old MK. 

add your own personal treasures, whether they be practical or of some sentimental value, to any of these fabulous bags, pictured below. . . 



(clockwise, left to right) all that glitters is, in fact, gold on this new two-tone tote by alice d; go luxe with the super supple billy by jerome dreyfuss, or add a touch of studded edge with a calleen cordero.  



(clockwise, from left to right) a green beauty from an old favorite, mz wallace, another shimmering two-toner by alice d in black and gold, and an elegant 'bella' by calleen cordero.  

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