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amy's little guy, ben, spends many a sunday playing with mo in the store. this week, we let him take pictures of anything he thought was interesting. we made an art gallery featuring a lot of lego men, modes of transportation, and other monster-like creatures, which you should definitely come admire, as it's the hottest gallery in the 'ville right now. below, his photos. 

feet, drawings, feet. ben was drawn to the FLEXX, and you probably would be as well.  

things that glitter, things that bark, and things that can be built. scarpa: where legos and jack rogers can coexist. 

socks, ball, dog. an excellent product shot of tkees flip flops. ben's backpack, which he stores in the back. 

the artist at work.   vera wang is shiny.  a man and his art. 

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