communications guru, queen of social media, and lovely scarpa shopper marijean jaggers wrote a guest post for us today. marijean founded jaggers communications in 2011, and her firm provides public relations, crisis management, and social media services for a wide variety of local clients. in her off hours, she is a pie baking fiend, and whips up pies of the key lime variety. amy praises her as “genuine, honest, down to earth, and likes to laugh,” which are just about the best things you can say about anyone.

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and you can learn more about her love affair with shoes below. 

the girl with the amazing shoes

when i was in first grade, my friend mary murrin was my idol. she read biographies in the library, so i read biographies in the library. she was my first outside-the-family influence. she wore white blouses with peter pan collars, plaid skirts and white keds. i wanted those keds. boy, did she make an impact.

as a person of inferior feet, (which is how i had thought of myself, a size 11, archless, with plantar fasciitus and all manner of foot discomfort) shoes were long not as important as they should have been. personal economics required inexpensive shoes, shoes that, in many years of working on my feet, standing on linoleum over concrete, made my feet suffer even more.

and then, around the age of 35, i decided to take care of my feet – i knew that life would last a long time, and if my feet hurt, it would be much less pleasant. shoes became an investment. thoughtfully chosen, carefully considered. comfort was tantamount but style – oh, style – became ever more critical.

i learned what brands worked for me. i accepted my size—yes, i wore shoes that were too small for many years.

i have far fewer shoes than ever before, but each pair fits right. each pair is comfortable enough to wear all day, or all evening. they are much more expensive than any shoes i would have dreamed, back in the days of “buy one, get one half price” shoe buying, but each pair has been totally worth it and, when broken down in cost-per-wear terms, been quite affordable.

my shoes make me happy. they are beautiful and notable. it is a rare day when i wear any pair of my shoes and someone doesn’t stop me to tell me that they like them. boots, in particular, seem to attract attention, and it’s attention i love. i never imagined i’d be the girl with the amazing shoes or that people would look at my feet and think i looked good, or even beautiful.

it’s been a huge ego-boost. my mother carries with her a memory of an insensitive shoe salesman telling her if her feet got any bigger, she’d have to wear the shoebox. i reject the inheritance of that memory, and the idea that any woman should feel bad about her feet. my shoes make me feel good – comfortable, sometimes sassy, sometimes badass, sometimes sexy, and often just classy. they fit my personality as well as my feet, and give me the empowerment of being the girl with the awesome shoes. everyone should, and can, have the chance to feel that way once in a while, or all the time. it’s worth it-- for your spirit, as well as your feet. 

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