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why I love working with Isabelle

the young woman who writes our blog makes it possible for me to have conversations via text on a random tuesday night such as these: 

Isabelle: I'm at the Fleetwood Mac concert in DC and I'm like 60% sure Stevie is wearing those Vera Wang booties. 

Isabelle: Like 80% 

Me: Have a few more beers and the odds will increase dramatically. 

I: hehe (editor's note I detected a bit or sarcasm in that hehe) but seriously there are little tassels/bows hanging off the back of them 

M: take a picture. 

(insert small grainy photo of Stevie Nicks taken at a distance)

I: the iPhone is failing me.

I: Maybe you should consider selling tambourines with leather / sequined strands.

M: I could be convinced.

I: for sure. my cousins' grandmother collects them -- she has 300 tambourines

M: I guess it's easy to buy her a birthday present

I: This concert has shown me that I want to age into Stevie Nicks and just leave it at that. 

M: I think that is a fine goal.

thank you isabelle for adding that dose of wry, old soul and random humor to my life. happy that shoes started the conversation but best that it was had with a bright young woman who will graduate this year and go on to do big things.
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