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valentine’s day is thursday, and with it comes a bundle of feelings: anticipation,  giddy expectation, general indifference, requisite anxiety, pasta cravings. if you’re looking for a hint to drop or you want get yourself something, look no further than 2114 barracks road—there are plenty of little gifts to indulge yourself with, none of which will dry and die.

 the gigi all-in-one wristlet ($115) and all-in-one resort ($165) are perfect in which to tote your life around, and the lena silk/cotton sarong ($265) is just the thing for a trip to the beach, or to wear around the house to wish winter away. envision warmer days in tkees flip flops ($55), or bundle up in a dear cashmere v-neck ($188).

lafco candles are made from soy wax, so they’ll last for the rest of the winter and into spring, and are encased in beautiful hand-blown glass—this one, in boudoir ($55), is gorgeous. i don’t like candy but do have a sweet spot for jewelry of all varieties, so my gift suggestions are heavily ornamental in nature. wish bracelets ($35, pictured in front) come in a range of colors, and are a great way to show a friend how much you love her. do we ever get too old for friendship bracelets? the aikutzi beaded cuffs ($115-180, shown at the right) are made by native huichol artists in mexico. brazilian jeweler hipema crafts the brilliant bracelets shown to the left ($118), combining beads, string, ribbon, metal, and bling—what’s not to love? and finally, the nava ring (pictured in the center, in the sand cup), is blue and gold and stunning and fabulous. it’s something that i could wear everyday, forever, which is a commitment i can make. 

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