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amy showed us hers. what's in yours?

i thought it might be interesting to see what the fabulous amy gardner has hidden in her (very) cool mz wallace purse. the answer: lots of pouches. is this revealing? yes. her bag is chock-full of secret pockets and pouches, and the pouches themselves hold all sorts of treasures: ipods, band aids, amy’s wallet. the brown python one is by nada sawaya from SCARPA, the tan is baggu from elsie garden, and black microfiber pouch came with the mz wallace bag.

 the notebook is “genius,” as amy says—it has a place for stashing loose scraps of paper, receipts, and ticket stubs—and in it, she totes around old invitations. the most compelling pieces of amy’s life, after some  considerable snooping: an invite to an end-of-the-world party and a bunch of half-full metrocards, as she’s in new york this week. her sunglasses are tom ford, and the eye glasses are from SCARPA. amy also shares her bag with mo, who stores his leash in there. it’s retractable. since amy exclusively jumps rope at the gym, her favorite workout song on the lime green ipod mini is “jump around” by house of pain. and yes, she knows all the words. 

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