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in the spirit of the jerome dreyfuss’ french-language website, the scarpa blog will now be referred to as “le blog” from now on, just as the people of jerome dreyfuss call their blog “le blog.” we’re now carrying this relatively young brand—it was founded in 1998 in paris—and the bags themselves really do epitomize the ideal accessory. this is a partial list of things i admire in pocketbooks, though it might extend to all articles of clothing and accessories:

  • leather of all varieties
  • mirrors, sans smoke
  • pockets for hiding your cool stuff!
  • neutral tones—and leopard will always count as a neutral
  • miniature flashlights for dark nights
  • surprises

our sampling of the jerome dreyfuss collection boasts all of these qualities. amy says they’re “inspector gadget” bags, and i completely agree: the street-savvy fredo has a pouchy wallet that snaps off one of the compartments (surprise!), a mirror on the inside flap, and a miniature flashlight that remains clipped to the bag’s interior, so you will never not be able to locate your phone. the momo is leopard print and furry, holds a detachable wallet, and has a flirty chain strap. it also converts to a clutch if you don’t want to be hands-free for an evening. glamorously militaristic, the pat is made of perforated black calfskin and can tote everything from books to beach towels.  if you like making lists, think you’re a good multi-tasker, or fantasize about crime-solving while looking both a tad rugged and chic, a jerome dreyfuss bag may be the perfect satchel for you.


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