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sarah! from cramer photo.
local photographer sarah cramer of cramer photo graciously indulged a few of my questions. she's been in cville for over a decade, and most days, can be found in her studio downtown. she, of course, provided the photograph above. 
how do you know amy? how long have you shopped at scarpa?  
i've known amy since my first year at uva.  i first stumbled upon scarpa when i went shopping for my first longchamp bag.  i still have it!  i've been photographing little ben for the past 4 years?  crazy.  love that family.

when & how did you get to charlottesville? what made you stay? 
i fell in love with charlottesville when i was a little girl visiting the university.  thankfully, i got to attend and haven't left since 2001.  this is my home.
how did you get into photography?
i was given my first camera at old age of 11.  i would snag my father's camera whenever i was given the chance to capture moments before that.  i see pictures everywhere i go and finally decided on making this my profession my 4th year at uva.

any favorite photos that you've taken?   
yes!  so many.  i love photographing my pups.  i have a favorite beach photo...i love the beach, specifically the water.  my favorite photos are in my home.
how do your own aesthetics affect the way you dress?
i'm a jeans a t-shirt girl.  i look nice because of my scarpa accessories.  a good pair of jeans, boots/sandals from scarpa, a great bag from scarpa and a scarf or some jewels finishes my look.  my goal is not to take more than 10-15 minutes to get ready in the morning.  I'm rolling around after kids taking photos so you'll rarely see me in a skirt or a dress.
dream subject to photograph?  
any new acquaintance.  julia child, frank sinatra, julia roberts' kids?
how did you get a swing in your studio?  
i wanted one so we made it happen!  i love it.  we swing daily.

do you have a favorite pair of shoes now?  
my lucchese boots and my florentini+baker boots.
if we dumped your bag, what would we find?
burts, iphone, almonds, journal,headphones, a scarf, mint gum, doggie bags, flash drives, sharpie pens, origins ginger hand lotion, business cards + a bottle of water


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