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this trip to paris has been mainly about accessories not of the footwear variety but of the everything else variety. two exceptions to that: cydwoq and the office of angela scott and despite looking quite different, they're very similar. both companies manufacture in the states, by hand, using artisan techniques that produce comfortable, durable, and unique shoes. 

rafe at cydwoq is always working to make things more different, from the leathers, the lasts, the toe characters, and the details. while the shoes look familiar (yes, it's a heel and yes, it's a boot) they're completely re-imagined. they give you the opportunity you make that basic outfit feel new. the heels above (top left) with your LBD? says pretty, interesting, oh and comfortable, too.  

the office of angela scott makes shoes that look like something you might find in your grandmother's (or grandfather's) closet but with a whimsical touch that updates them to something that feels right for today. her color palette feels fresh, the details are thoughtful, the shoes are comfortable (I know, I tried them on). I can't show you my fall buy because I wasn't allowed to photograph it but there are some cute oxfords that I'll be wearing with my cropped khakis. 

and that happy person in the top right? that's one of my dear friends, dayna, who owns ped. she's a great friend and an inspirational retailer. we met at a shoe show almost twelve years ago. she's been one of the best things about being in the shoe business!

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  • Aw, look at Ms. D—so cute, as always! Is Scarpa going to get Cydwoq again? You know you're the one who started my habit, lo, so many years ago. Best, artiest, and most comfortable shoes EVAH!

    LP on

  • hey laura, scarpa has some cydwoqs in now and they're selling! trying to detail them so that they're right for our town and so far a success. the bags are coming in a few weeks. small order for fall. exciting! hope you're great!

    amy on

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