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one of the happiest, least obvious aspects of this business is developing relationships with vendors over the years. for me, it makes the process of buying things much more pleasurable and interesting (and I'm hoping that we do this same thing for you, dear customer). susan at himalayan cashmere company is one of those folks. I've been buying on and off from susan since 2001. despite the fact that we only see each other once a year (and once went five years without seeing each other) we pick up the conversation like no time has passed: drama at work, our sons (4 months apart), montessori school, how to get three year olds to eat without it taking an eternity, the importance of star wars lego characters in the development of the four year old male psyche. she lives in nepal so knowing that these things cut across cultural divides is helpful.

relationships are great but mean nothing if your work doesn't cut it so it helps that susan makes beautiful, timeless, unique and impeccable cashmere. she does, really. (calvin klein thinks so because she makes scarves and blankets for his label as well. I am such a name dropper!) once you select the design (you can see all on the walls of her booth) you get to select your colors (um, this is not a time to be indecisive - note the color cards on the bottom left and I'm only showing you half of them). you can change borders and size as well just to add more choice to the order. since we're the only store in the country carrying the line, beside the HCC store in napa valley, you can be sure that you won't see yourself coming and going. perhaps this fact will help strengthen our relationship with you, dear customer.

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  • You know, the next time you go on a trip like this, if you need a personal bag carrier, coffee fetcher, and enthusiastic blogger, I'm your gal. ;-)

    Jen on the Edge on

  • hi jen!! loved getting your comment. would be fun to see a trade show through your detail-oriented eyes some day! hope you're great : )

    amy on

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