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word of mouth is usually the best way to find out about a great restaurant or hair stylist. it often works the same way in fashion. when joan and I were in new york two weeks ago she admired a sweet pair of earrings on someone from a UK designer, zoe and morgan. turns out you can't buy the line in the states because they don't do any american trade shows. good thing I was headed to paris just a week later.... fast forward to sunday and there I was finding lots to love about zoe and morgan (and their sister ruth who manages the business).

simple but not simplistic, delicate but with a touch of heft, zoe and morgan can help you find your inner rock star or your inner glam girl but without feeling like you're trying too hard. the winged earrings, above right, will work with the LBD for the wedding or with your white jeans for the day (I see a sloppy pony tail and sandals but you already know that). the isis earrings, bottom left, can go on after work when you're headed out on a date but don't have time, or space, to change anything else. me? I'm going for the 'mischief' necklace because at 42 I think I need a regular reminder to get into more trouble, and not the kind of trouble a girl gets into at an accessories show in paris.  ; )

more to come soon from the shows in paris and milan. stay tuned.

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