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i've never really questioned high heels. i grew up in dallas, texas where extremes were the norm - bigger breasts, blonder hair, and higher heels seemed to be the equivalent of enlightenment. so i wore heels because that's what you did. 

however, a recent article made me question the all mighty heel. the basis of the article is that wearing heels, no matter what your age, causes your body to work differently than it would naturally. women who wear heels begin to use their calf muscles for walking rather than their tendons and also take shorter, more forceful steps. while this may seem rather minor, it can lead to a whole host of problems especially if you routinely switch from heels to flats or from office to gym. 

so to heel or not to heel? that is the question. there seem to be three reasons women wear heels: for work, for others, and for themselves. for many women, a heel is part of the proper work ensemble. then there is society. some people wear heels for men - as it makes them feel sexier or more desirable. some people wear heels for their girlfriends as a type of status symbol. finally, some women wear heels because it pleases them. they like the way they look in heels or find heels inherently beautiful. i will admit, i like a good heel. they are quite pretty. however, a shoe must also be practical as most of us are required to walk in our shoes. 

admittedly i still have an affection for high heels. while i don't want to completely banish heels from my life, i know that a great deal of the time they are just impractical. thus i think the michael kors' meat and potatoes rule works well here: "70 percent of the clothes you own should be meat and potatoes. 30 percent should be icing and fluff." if you apply that to percentage to heel usage, you can still get your fix when you want to, but you're much less likely to ruin your feet. and when you do wear heels, pack a pair of flats, too, as there's nothing as unsightly as a girl hobbling down the street after wearing heels for too long. 

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