Carlo is the mobile version of Scarpa. Our 1969 airstream is retrofitted to bring the Scarpa experience to you. Check out this corner of our blog to see where Carlo's travels have taken him. Like what you see and think you have the perfect spot for us to set up a pop-up shop? Contact our special events manager Jake at

carlo: raring to go

for those of you that didn't get to meet carlo during the holidays, i thought i'd share some of the pictures andrea hubbell took of him. he's a 1969 airstream that we finished refurbishing late last year. we had the opportunity to take him to lexington,va, virginia beach, and park him outside of scarpa already, but it's time for his next trip. and we want your input. where would you like to see carlo go? what would you like to see carlo do? who would you like to see carlo support? 




January 20, 2012 by Kai'li Taylor
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