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I don't remember how or when I met sarah cramer. I just remember being wowed by her from the very beginning of knowing her. sarah is one of those YOUNG people who you are constantly reminded how lucky you are to have in your life. the person you know who inspires you with her creativity and her hard work while she has a constant smile on her face. the positive, upbeat high energy (but not in an annoying, red bull kind of way) who makes you think, hell yeah, I CAN do more in my day! the naturally talented person who makes it all look so easy.


two years ago, one hot, sticky july morning I had sarah come to my home to document some time in my son's life. that day I was a wee bit hung over (ok, really hung over - bad mommy) and still sarah made the morning manageable despite my general discomfort around a camera and otherwise. that sealed the deal for me. you can make a hung over mother who hates cameras with an active 22 month old boy smile during a photo shoot, you're freakin' hired. for life.


fast forward to the TOTE+ART project. I knew I wanted her to participate because sarah would throw her genuine joie de vivre into making something special. sarah's art works for me because it transmits her ENTHUSIASM for her subject matter. she really celebrates her subjects in her use of color, the contextual clues she captures, and her framing. her love of people and animals shines in each print. and for TOTE+ART she's done it again. you're laughing with this little guy as he pulls on his rope. so. hard. and oops, over the edge and into the water. wait what just happened?


come see for yourself just how special sarah cramer can make the everyday.

proceeds from sarah's tote will benefit the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA

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