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I asked nancy bass to participate in TOTE ART because I have always admired her work. there's a warm space in my heart for it. growing up in the country, with a cow pasture across the street from my high school and within view of all those hot and sweaty marching band practices, might have given me an appreciation of her subject matter and a natural affinity for those creatures she chooses to feature. But it's been nancy's recent color field backdrops that made me swoon.

in 2008 I purchased one of Nancy's small cow portraits at the second street gallery art auction. this sweet cow stares at me every day from her ornate gold gilt frame. nancy gives loving attention, detail and seriousness to these creatures which hardly get a second thought from most of us, unless we're trying to entertain small children during a looooong drive and then we find ourselves DESPERATE to SPOT A COW.

about a year ago I received a post card from nancy for an upcoming show and wow, did I say WOW. I think I did a little jig in my front hall as I sorted my mail. here were these little lambs, carefreely being little lambs, against these intense and precise textured stripes of color. (confession, I have a weakness for stripes as well as farm animals.) it was a one-two punch. I wrote nancy an email telling her just how much that card made my day.

fast forward to the TOTE ART project and there was no doubt that I was going to ask nancy to participate. I wanted to see how she would approach the canvas. would I love it? and yeah, I love it. it's amazing. the sweet cow is delicately placed on a field of neutral stripes, like nancy's lovingly organized the landscape and horizon into some clean and tidy stripes of color. sort of like the molecular gastronomist chef reimagining an orange into something that tastes and looks like an orange but is definitely NOT an orange. the image is modern and romantic all at the same time.

come see for yourself. in the store this week, june 13th. take her home thursday, june 16th.

nancy bass' work benefits the wildlife center of virginia

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