sometimes insomnia is a good thing.

I had insomnia in Paris on a night when the alarm was going to rock my world at 4:30 a.m. for a 5:00 cab ride to the airport. rather than seeing the inside of my eyelids I was seeing all of the potential problems with the upcoming season in the store. do you do that? do you worry when you can't sleep? I do. I think about all of the little, nigley things (yes, that’s a made up word) that I have overlooked, not made time to iron out. small problems that only exist in my head and yet are maddening during a frustrating toss and turn in the sheets.

so here's one 'problem' that I had. I had purchased for the store the plainest and sturdiest canvas pool totes that I could find. what's the problem? ah jeez, they're TOO plain. I have a love for simple, functional, minimal items that you, beloved reader and customer, don't always share. I had a concern before these totes even showed up, that they weren't going to sell.

toss/turn. toss/turn. lightbulb. paint the totes. combine two of the dearest things in my life and share them with you: art(!) and a simple, functional item. find artists who would want to paint or print on a canvas that's not on a frame AND have the money go towards a charity that they love. create something interesting, beautiful and one of a kind. give customers a chance to take home a work of art by a local artist who would routinely create something valued at a lot more. have a local charity receive some funds to put to good use.

TOTE ART. more to come.

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  • It means so much for some people… And freelance jobs are so good for that

    Bernadette on

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