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I own a shoe store because I love shoes. it's almost that simple. I used my first hard-earned babysitting money at age 13 to buy a pair of grey leather esprit driving loafers. I had to have them and I knew my mother would not have any interest in spending $52 (plus sales tax) on this particular pair of shoes for the upcoming school year. they had a simple bow tied on the top, those super cool and new-to-me bumps on the bottom (did it matter that I was too young to drive a car?). they were the perfect shade of grey for the limited array of preppy clothes in my closet in 1983. when I looked down at them they made me happy. I could justify the purchase in every way conceivable. I knew that with them I was going to have the best 8th grade year possible.

fast forward twenty eight years and I still use that criteria when I buy shoes for my store. when I look down do they make me happy? but now I also wonder, will they make you happy? will they go with a lot of what's in your closet? will they work with your lifestyle? will they help you in whatever your quest is for the day and night (faster mommy, smarter worker bee, stronger errand runner, sexier dinner date). when you slip them on will you feel more capable and confident in starting your day? these are the things I think about when I buy shoes now. what do you think about?

these are the shoes that make me happy these days. If you’ve seen me recently then you already know that since I wear them. every. single. day.


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