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Last week, I overhead a customer say something that has stuck with me. I will attempt to paraphrase though she was far more eloquent. Essentially, she said she came into scarpa not just to shop but to appreciate the art of the store: the way in which all of the bags, shoes, scarves, necklaces, and dress forms are arranged. This beautifully articulated sentiment stuck with me because I think it resonates with our mission at scarpa. we aren’t here to sell you something the second you walk in the door. Our goal is to bring you an experience that is enriching on multiple levels. We love to share our love of design and craftsmanship, and we relish bringing in the exceptional work of talented designers and craftspeople.


Once on the shelves, the objects form relationships with one another, thanks in large part to Dagmar’s eye for arrangement. It’s a subtle art, employing both juxtaposition and threads of commonality. Scarves as pops of color add dynamism to a continuous line of black shoes and bags.
Last week with the passing of Oscar de la Renta, we were struck by a quote our friends at the Scout Guide posted.  it informed what i had already been thinking about.  De la Renta: “Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things; it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things.” We couldn’t have said it better. We would add that the appreciation is not just for things but also for one another. The display of goods on our shelves would mean nothing without the human interaction; this is the essence of the scarpa experience. we cherish these relationships that give the art of scarpa its vitality, its true and lasting meaning.


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