today I turned 45. um, what happened? where did time go and why is it going faster and faster? I stand firmly in a middle age zone. I'm no longer flirting with middle age; I am middle age. (My mother is 87, so yes, foregoing an accident I expect to see 90.) I purposefully got up earlier this morning so I could have a few minutes with my 45 year old self before the rest of the house wakes up. I wanted to give some thought to what I've learned.

In no particular order:

:: a little humor goes a long way
:: a smile can make a big difference
:: it's not what you say but how you say it
:: when you're mad take deep breaths before you respond
:: give the other person the benefit of the doubt
:: nice and kind mean more and more in this world
:: put the phone/ipad aside while in a conversation with a person who is physically present
:: just because the phone rings or beeps does not mean you have to deal with it immediately
:: unless someone is dying it's not worth panicking
:: children in third world countries survive ____________, mine will, too.
:: success is a combination of hard work and confidence
:: whatever it is, don't force it
:: time takes care of almost everything

I'm curious what you would add to this list. happy september, happy fall.





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