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if you ever feel as though some fashion trends are lost on you, you are likely not alone.  exhibit a: as birkenstocks have appeared again in full force this summer, we've questioned how some have taken to wearing this favorite sandal;  namely, the sisters olsen. in the spring, the duo were spotted sporting matching 'stocks with socks.  certainly a questionable decision, i think one could acknowledge this as a contained incident in which mary-kate and ashley are simply exercising their "because we can" muscles.  (maybe you could, too, but should you? probably not).  

in any event, to counter the uneasiness brought about by absurd celebrity trends, i look toward the ethos behind some of our summer goods.  thoughtfully crafted products will never go out of style. new bags from specialty dry goods embody this quality.  the mom-and-pop operation from santa monica uses vegetable tanned hides.  learn more about the unique results of this process from the hand written note below.  we honestly cannot think of a more personal touch.  


this tan market bag from specialty dry goods : a perfect summer companion.


another bag from speciality dry goods with a unique denim insert. 

in the same vein (hide?) we have bags from johnny farah, also crafted using vegetable tanned leather.  as they note, the process preserves the leather's natural grain and wrinkle.  the final result : beautiful cross body bags, perfect for outings around town and beyond all summer long.  

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