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so it's the middle of january, and you might've already given some thought as to what your new year's resolutions may be -- lose this, do more of that, eat less of this -- and surely some of these resolutions will be met with success, yet I've always thought it a bit hard to visualize change in the middle of winter.  here at scarpa, i think we may be able to help by looking ahead -- to the promise of spring.  behold below:  new year's resolutions, or a four-part preview of just some of the goods making their way to scarpa's shelves for spring. . . 




I will . . . rethink sandals.  Certainly a necessity for the warmer months, here are some smart, cool options coming by way of plomo (top two), and a subtle yet chic pair from pedro garcia.  

I will . . . mix it up.  Been contemplating adding a bit of edge to your look?  This will be the year.  How about these serpentine earrings or statement ring from zoe & morgan?  Or this divine leather cuff from kendall conrad?  

I will . . . wear rose colored shades.  As much an outlook on life as an accessory, brighten up your view this spring with these fun & lightly tinted shades from dita.  

I will . . . Jerome Dreyfuss.  Not, in fact, a dance move.  I've taken the liberty of making the namesake of this brand a verb here because if it were a dance move, i'd recommend dancing the jerome dreyfuss all spring -- dazzling, unexpected, utterly modern -- as are the bags from this super luxe parisian brand.  This bag is called "mondrian caviar."  who doesn't love de stijl with the suggestion of a culinary delicacy?!

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