scarfed in tattoos

the backstory goes something like this: horiyoshi III, currently "Japan's undisputed tattoo master . . . had his epiphany when confronted with a Yakuza (Japanese gangster) sporting a full body tattoo  or 'suit' at a public bathhouse.  Inspired, he visited the studio of his later master, horiyoshi i, and became his apprentice at the age of 25."  

in 2010, the brand "horiyoshi the third" was launched to celebrate and share the art of horiyoshi's masterful work.  his traditional japenese irezumi designs are reworked into the luxurious cashmere and silk scarves pictured below, and the result is nothing short of exquisite.  if you've always contemplated a tattoo but haven't quite been able to commit (or, if you're still looking for a special holiday gift) certainly one of these beauties would suffice.  

find out more about the brand here and visit horiyoshi's website here



December 18, 2013 by Will Frazier
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